Archiving and Digital Document Management in the Azure Cloud with Artificial Intelligence

The definitive solution for archiving and document management in the Azure cloud

GADA-i is the cutting-edge tool for archiving and managing documents with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Azure cloud. This solution automates the classification, archiving, and retrieval of your documents, enabling efficient and streamlined document management within your organization. Discover how GADA-i can transform the way your organization works with documents.

Integrated with all your systems

GADA-i seamlessly integrates with your current storage systems (Salesforce, SAP, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, FileNet, etc.) to upload less frequently used documents, allowing for swift and secure retrieval.

Key Features of GADA-i that Set It Apart

Cost savings and storage space optimization: Free up space in your internal systems and significantly reduce storage costs through Azure’s cloud infrastructure.

Secondary repository for non-collaborative files: Securely store and access files that are not part of collaborative efforts but may still require occasional consultation.

Seamless integration with SAP and SharePoint Online: Maximize the functionalities of these popular document management systems, freeing up space and enhancing archiving capabilities.

Azure Artificial Intelligence for automatic document classification and retrieval: Azure’s advanced AI enables GADA-i to automatically and efficiently classify, archive, and retrieve your documents.

Security and regulatory compliance: With GADA-i, your documents are protected and compliant with current regulations, ensuring the privacy and security of information.

GADA-i integrates with SharePoint Online and SAP

SharePoint Online with GADA-i

Enhance your SharePoint experience with GADA-i’s file management capabilities. Thanks to its artificial intelligence engine, GADA-i can efficiently organize and classify your SharePoint documents, saving you time on lengthy and complex file searches. With GADA-i, you have the information you need at your fingertips.

File Management in SAP with GADA-i

If your company uses SAP for document management, GADA-i can help take your operations to the next level. GADA-i integrates with SAP to enable smarter and more efficient file management. Our AI tool comprehends and organizes your SAP files, allowing you to quickly find the information you need.

Use cases

Financial sector

Transform financial file management with GADA-i, the intelligent and secure solution in the Azure cloud

  1. Automated classification and archiving of banking transactions.
  2. Quick and accurate retrieval of credit and investment records.
Legal sector

Accelerate and simplify legal document management with GADA-i, the intelligent archive in the Azure cloud

  1. Smart organization and search for contracts and legal records.
  2. Integration with law firm management systems.
Healthcare sector

Enhance the administration of medical records and patient data with GADA-i, the intelligent and secure storage in the Azure cloud

  1. Secure and confidential storage of medical histories and medical tests.
  2. Integration with hospital management systems to facilitate access to medical information.
Education sector

Optimize the management of academic and administrative documents with GADA-i, the intelligent archive in the Azure cloud

  1. Automatic classification and archiving of grades and academic records.
  2. Management of institutional documents such as study plans and academic programs.
Government sector

Ensure transparency and accessibility in the management of public documents with GADA-i, the intelligent solution in the Azure cloud

  1. Archiving and retrieval of government documents such as laws and regulations.
  2. Integration with transparency systems and access to public information.
Construction sector

Enhance the organization of construction plans and projects with GADA-i, the intelligent and secure archive within the Azure cloud

  1. Secure and accessible storage of construction plans and projects.
  2. Integration with project management and real-time collaboration systems.
Human resources sector

Optimize the administration of employee records and employment contracts with GADA-i, the intelligent storage in the Azure cloud

  1. Archive and quickly search for employee records and employment contracts.
  2. Integration with payroll and human resources management systems.
Manufacturing and logistics industry

Improve document management for production and supply chain with GADA-i, the intelligent archive within the Azure cloud

  1. Automatic classification and archiving of production and shipping orders.
  2. Integration with inventory and logistics management systems.

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Success Stories

Companies that have transformed their document management with GADA-i

Discover how companies from various sectors have implemented GADA-i in their operations, achieving more efficient document management, cost savings, and improvements in security and regulatory compliance. These testimonials and examples demonstrate the value and potential of GADA-i as a leading solution in the market.

Port of Valencia

Makes its historical document archive available to the entire community


Transportation | Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search and GADA-i

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