GADA-i and SAP

SAP Document Archiving: Streamline File Management with GADA-i

Discover how GADA-i, the leading tool for document archiving and management with artificial intelligence in the Azure cloud, seamlessly integrates with SAP to provide you with an efficient, secure, and user-friendly document management solution. Maximize your SAP resources and transform the way your company handles documents.


Taking the Integration of GADA-i with SAP to the Next Level

Experience a cutting-edge intelligent archiving solution through the collaboration between ENCAMINA and NOVIS EUFORIA. These leading companies have joined forces to connect GADA-i and SAP, providing an automated solution that ensures the integrity and security of documents when archiving them in an Azure-based cloud repository.

Chameleon, in collaboration with ENCAMINA, has developed GADA-i + SAP

A connector between GADA-i and SAP that communicates natively via ArchiveLink, providing support for all SAP document processes.

(Generic Object Services, Record Management, Business Document Management, Document Management System (DMS).

Key Advantages of Integrating GADA-i with SAP

Increased Storage Capacity

Free up space in SAP by moving non-collaborative documents to GADA-i’s second-level repository.

Intelligent Classification and Retrieval

Azure’s artificial intelligence in GADA-i automatically and efficiently classifies and retrieves documents, both in SAP and in the second-level repository.

Enabling Structured Knowledge Accessibility

We have both digital and paper documents, and we need them to contribute knowledge to the company. Efficiently categorizing information and being able to search within the content is essential.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

GADA-i ensures the protection of your documents and compliance with current regulations in document management.

Cost Savings

By optimizing document storage and management, your company will significantly reduce associated costs.

No Impact on Other Providers’ Configurations or Developments

It connects to SAP without modifying or altering any previously developed customizations.

Deployment of GADA-i, Intelligent File Management, for SAP

The implementation of the intelligent archiving service GADA-i integrated with SAP is highly agile. It includes a slight parametrization within SAP by Chameleon, along with the migration of documents to their new location in the Azure cloud within GADA-i.

ENCAMINA offers the opportunity to connect/integrate your SAP digital archiving system with the full power of the Azure cloud through GADA-i.

We expand and enhance file management in SharePoint Online with GADA-i

Prominent Features Provided by the SAP Connector


Storage of documents (ArchiveLink) and files (SAP Archiving) in the Azure storage support used by GADA-i.


Immediacy: Minimal, fast, and straightforward configuration that allows enabling a cloud repository in SAP within minutes.


High performance in ArchiveLink and Archiving scenarios.


Grouping of documents based on configurable criteria.


Complete traceability of access (read/write) to stored documents or files.

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