The Perfect Combination for Efficient Document Management

Discover how GADA-i, the leading tool for document archiving and management with artificial intelligence in the Azure cloud, seamlessly integrates with SharePoint Online to provide you with an efficient, secure, and user-friendly document management solution. Maximize your SharePoint Online resources and transform the way your company handles documents.

Key Features of GADA-i in SharePoint Online

Document Archiving: Send files from SharePoint Online to GADA-i for processing, storage in Azure, and automatic metadata generation.

Extended Capabilities in SharePoint Online: GADA-i enhances SharePoint Online functionalities by providing native integration, document archiving, improved search, and bulk archiving.

Seamless Integration: GADA-i seamlessly integrates with SharePoint Online, enabling direct interaction with GADA-i without affecting current SharePoint customizations or developments.

Enhanced Search: With GADA-i, the SharePoint Online search engine can find documents in SharePoint and archived in GADA-i, improving search performance and efficiency.

Bulk Archiving: Azure archiving policies are configured for bulk archiving through a batch process, facilitating the storage and organization of large quantities of files in GADA-i.

How Does GADA-i Help Me Free Up Space in SharePoint?

GADA-i integrates with SharePoint Online to expand and enhance SharePoint’s archiving capabilities by providing an extension for archiving documents that don’t require collaboration.

Key Advantages of Integrating GADA-i with SharePoint Online

Cost Savings

By optimizing document storage and management, your company will significantly reduce associated costs.

Increased Storage Capacity

Free up space in SharePoint Online by moving non-collaborative documents to GADA-i’s second-level repository.

Intelligent Classification and Retrieval

Azure’s artificial intelligence in GADA-i automatically and efficiently classifies and retrieves documents, both in SharePoint Online and in the second-level repository.

User Experience Without Impact

With GADA-i, SharePoint users do not experience workflow interruptions. When a file is archived, the file name and SharePoint functionalities remain the same; simply click the link to access the file.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

GADA-i ensures the protection of your documents and compliance with current regulations in document management.

We expand and enhance SAP file management with GADA-i

Benefits of Contracting GADA-i with SharePoint Online

When using GADA-i in conjunction with SharePoint Online, you can:

Free up storage space
Reduce costs
Improve SharePoint performance
Decrease security breaches
Maximize the value of SharePoint
Provide easy document access for users

Request a Customized GADA-i Demo for SharePoint Online

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