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Explore how GADA-i can revolutionize your file management processes.
With Azure, Microsoft provides you with a robust cloud solution to store, manage, and access your documents anytime, anywhere

The File Management Solution Your Company Requires

In today’s business landscape, swift and efficient data access can be a game-changer for competitiveness. With GADA-i, our artificial intelligence-driven file management solution, you can elevate your business’s efficiency to the next level. From optimizing searches to data organization, GADA-i is crafted to streamline and enhance your operations.

Reasons to Choose GADA-i for Your File Management

Manage Documents with Artificial Intelligence

GADA-i combines document management with artificial intelligence to assist you in file management, providing a tailored solution that enhances your company’s efficiency.

An Alternative to Traditional Storage

Offering an alternative to SharePoint (or your corporate documentation repository) for documents that need archiving but must remain accessible at all times, such as insurance records, mortgages, invoices, etc.

Document Lifecycle Management

GADA-i provides a system that helps manage the lifecycle (saving, archiving, and deletion) of documents automatically using Microsoft Azure technology.

Adaptation, Learning, and Access

GADA-i adapts to your needs, learning from your data to optimize the search and access to information when you need it.

Reduce Costs and Free Up System Space

By connecting to existing systems, we can free up space and reduce costs.

Apply Security to Files

All of this under the Microsoft security paradigm.

GADA-i in Action

Use Cases


Efficient and Unlimited Document Management in Records

The vast volume of documents and records stored in your document management system can lead to platform instability and performance issues.

Automated Document Archiving with Security Policies and Rules

Gada-i implements the document lifecycle in Azure and enables us to apply specific business rules to archive documents, resulting in cost savings for storage.

Structured Knowledge Accessibility

We have both digital and paper documents that need to contribute knowledge to the company. Efficiently classifying information and enabling content search is essential.

Accelerating and Automating Forms Associated with Documents

We can train the AI to recognize these documents, extract information, and store it in a database.

Savings on Unnecessary Document Management Systems

Paying for expensive licenses to store documents that can naturally reside in Azure doesn’t make sense.

Explore Other Use Cases

GADA-i: The Tale of an Intelligent File Named Docuberto.

Colorsurance, an Intelligent Insurer Thanks to GADA-i.

Optimize Your File Management in SharePoint and SAP

SharePoint Online with GADA-i

Enhance your SharePoint experience with GADA-i’s file management capabilities. Thanks to its artificial intelligence engine, GADA-i can efficiently organize and classify your SharePoint documents, saving you time on lengthy and complex file searches. With GADA-i, you have the information you need at your fingertips.

File Management in SAP with GADA-i

If your company uses SAP for document management, GADA-i can help take your operations to the next level. GADA-i integrates with SAP to enable smarter and more efficient file management. Our AI tool comprehends and organizes your SAP files, allowing you to quickly find the information you need.

We are here to assist you

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Cost Reduction

Reduce storage and licensing costs of traditional Document Management Systems.


Security Policies and Rules

Apply automatic security policies and rules.


Traceability and Control

Record traceability and provide access control to files.


Efficiency in Archiving

Increase efficiency in archiving and file classification by doing it automatically.


Automatic Classification

Thanks to AI algorithms in automatic classification, searches are highly efficient.


Self-Recovery System

Provides a stable self-recovery system for files in case of any disaster.


Integration via APIs

Allows integration/connectivity with any document management application through APIs.


Automatic Lifecycle Management

Helps manage the entire lifecycle of files automatically based on customizable rules.


Infinite Scalability

The geo-distributed structure provides immediate availability and high scalability.


Unlimited Storage

Practically unlimited storage, as it has Azure’s automatic scaling.

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GADA-i offers cutting-edge features that allow you to manage your files like never before. Discover how GADA-i adapts to your needs, is easy to integrate, compatible with multiple formats and storage systems, and how its sophisticated technology optimizes data search and access.

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